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The art of product innovation

There are applications for which the majority of polymers on the market are not able to solve certain technical requirements.

Modifying polymers may require a lot of resources and the final solution may not comply with the production rules or remain within profit margins.

This is a scenario in which the VISTAMAXX™ PERFORMANCE POLYMERS are a great success if used in mixed formulas.

This is the case for agricultural techniques for grafting, in which the VISTAMAXX ™ PERFORMANCE POLYMER provides flexibility, durability and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of different surfaces, also simplifying the process of applying the graft.

Two rolls of plastic film wrapping a felt-tip pen
Blend for plants and flowers for grafting VISTAMAXX ™ 6202, extruded film - photo by M. Francescon

Exxonmobil’s Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymer

This has good elastomeric properties and is easy to process.
The grades are compatible with a wide range of hydrocarbon-based polymers.

Recommended for applications on films and compounds, this has excellent elasticity, subjection and clearness.This material does not require a drying process and may be mixed or used in a dry mix solution.