Our offices

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Scritta servizi


Analysis and assistance services

Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer the technical support necessary to develop new products and look into solutions to technical problems.

Laboratory Analysis

We can analyse finished products or raw materials in our laboratory, providing quick responses.

Choice of materials

Customers can benefit from our experience and receive support when choosing the most suitable materials or mixes to meet their specific needs

Process development

We follow our customers right from the start of the project, identifying the key points in order to obtain maximum performance and the best process set-up.

Cost Analysis

We help our customers to find the best possible process conditions, allowing them to achieve the best value for money.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is always on hand to promptly provide any information required and to work with third parties, such as mould manufacturers and OEMs.


We organise and take part in technical workshops to always stay up to date with the skills and knowledge required within the industry.


Our team

Employee at work in front of the computer

Sales team

Our sales team receives ongoing training to offer the best technical and value-for-money solutions, as well as pre-sales and post-sales customer service. These are locally-based people who know the specific requirements of their areas and the dynamics of their markets.

Office clerk on the phone

Customer service

Our customer service team is available to provide information and forward specific requests to our technical and sales staff.

Laboratory technician who carries out some tests with a tablet and a computer

Technical experts

In our team of experts we have specialists dedicated to specific process methods. In addition to technical assistance, we also provide support and suggest solutions for the development of new projects and for the cost optimisation.


Our aim is to quickly satisfy customers requests.