Our range of products

Interpolimeri’s thirty-year experience in selling Exxon metallocene products and Schulman masterbatches has allowed us to reach a position of leadership in the plastic materials market.

Over recent years, starting from the sale of LG Chem ABS, we’ve managed to build a relationship of mutual trust with our Korean partner, enabling us to develop our presence in the engineering polymers market (SAN, ASA, PC, PMMA, POM, PPO, TPE, PA) and become a significant player in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Our recent collaboration with Ascend, the leading manufacturer of PA66, has completed Interpolimeri’s product portfolio, enabling our company to meet any market requirement.

We are particularly focusing on the sale of Exxon’s plastomer copolymer C3 Vistamaxx, an eclectic and high-performance product with a number of applications, granting our customers important technical and cost benefits.



Exceed™ XP allows converters to develop new-to-the-world film and liner solutions. Exceed™ grades can be selected to provide high performance with: extreme flex-crack and dart impact resistance, exceptional aged property retention, outstanding machine direction (MD) tear strength, excellent melt strength, enhanced flexibility and sealability, controlled shrink and holding force.


Enable™ performance polymers offer high-performance formulations for many demanding processing and film applications. Enable performance polymer can deliver operational stability, extended output, downgauging potential, versatility with higher HAO performance, resin sourcing simplicity.

Enable performance polymers can withstand changes in manufacturing conditions and provide superior results to LLDPE/LDPE resin blends.


Vistamaxx polymers enable companies to develop innovative solutions that can improve product performance and manufacturing efficiency. It can also contribute to potential sustainability benefits by downgauging packaging films, reducing material use, reducing wall thickness in rigid packaging, and strengthening products to avoid breakage or waste. It can also reduce energy use through lower temperature processing.


The global quality standards of all ExxonMobil Chemical resins (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP) provide high product uniformity and consistency. Worldwide supply capabilities ensure the right product and technology will be available for different applications and always guarantee high level performances.


Schulman is a market leader in the production of masterbatches, its product portfolio includes: black, white, additives and colours – both standard and customized. We can provide products for all applications: film, inj.moulding, blow moulding, and compuond and for all market sectors: packaging, hygienic, building & construcion, automotive, agricolture and cosmetics.



Engineering Polymers