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The plastics industry is increasingly under fire.

In a historical moment in which plastics are increasingly under pressure, we want to give a signal of concreteness and future vision.


Our company vision

Wrong behaviours

In this historical moment, unfortunately, the wrong behaviors of people and some companies are confused with the product itself, causing serious damage to the whole industrial sector.

Plastic is irreplaceable

Plastic is irreplaceable; we know it well.
A world without plastic is not even conceivable; however, sustainability policies must also be implemented in our sector to allow a better use of this precious resource.

Research and Development departments

At Interpolimeri, we are active both in implementing the environmental sustainability strategies of our current partners and in the continuous search for suppliers who can guarantee, through their Research and Development departments, products with less impacting formulations, with a composition even for recycling, and with a view to circular economy in which we have always believed.

We supplement conventional materials with recycling innovation.