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Turning ideas into products

The most complicated aspect of our work is choosing the right polymer in a wide range of markets and specific purposes.

Our sales and technical teams concentrate on providing innovative and value-for-money proposals, choosing from our wide range of products.

We believe that working constantly alongside our customers is a special way of achieving professional self-improvement, regardless of where the demand is coming from.

A multifaceted offer is a solution that we often have to manage as part of this specific activity, when development projects are based on different (but simultaneous) necessary requirements.

This has happened, for example, in the case of the upper side to retractable bollards, made specifically for town centres.

In this case, the key requirements were flexibility, colorability and flame resistance. These requirements could not have been fulfilled with one single product.

Top rectr.bollard made in Queo ™ 0210 & Vydyne ™ ECO 315 PA66 / 6 flame ret. V0 (UL94) - photo by M. Francescon


This provides personalised, high-performance solutions for flame-resistant environments. ECO’s Vydyne™ series is flame retardant with red and non-halogenated phosphorus.