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Thermoplastic polyurethanes are innovative technical materials with features that allow them to be used in multiple applications in the plastics industry.


Epaflex produces TPU systems to ensure consistent quality and processability capable of meeting the needs of the most complex and cutting-edge applications. ISO 9001 certification is an additional guarantee of the exceptional standard of our processes.

Epaflex products


Excellent resistance to oil and grease, excellent physical and mechanical properties, and possibility of producing compounds with other polar polymers.


Lower specific density, excellent resistance to hydrolysis and microbial attack, excellent physical and mechanical properties, and flexibility at low temperatures.


Epamet TPUs are Bio-based thermoplastic polyurethanes made with renewable sourced material providing the same technical properties and performance of fossil based TPUs.

In a continuous process of contributing to a better environment Epaflex Polyurethanes has developed the Epamet line with the aim of offering products which are a valid alternative to traditional petroleum based TPU. The bio-based material content can reach up to 60% in Epamet TPUs.