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Interpolimeri e PlasticFinder

Interpolimeri invests in the digital and circular platform PlasticFinder

Limena (PD), 29/07/2021

Interpolimeri S.p.A., an important market presence for over 30 years, and one of the leaders in the distribution of plastic materials in Europe thanks to consolidated partnerships with the most important international producers of polymers, has invested in the digital and circular platform PlasticFinder®.

The investment was made by endorsing an increase in capital dedicated to the development of the platform’s digital technologies and its commercial expansion into the main European markets.

Goal of the new partnership: to create the number one online plastics marketplace in Europe dedicated to the circular economy.

The PlasticFinder® marketplace allows all companies in the supply chain to trade freely and to buy surplus stocks, industrial by-products and recycled plastic (different types of products that fall within the concept of circular economy) in a quick, simple and safe way.

The new Board of PlasticFinder is now made up as follows:

  • Stefano Chiaramondia, President
  • Riccardo Parrini, CEO
  • Ivan Riva, IT Manager
  • Claudio Gallo, non-executive Director
  • Massimo Bergamini, non-executive Director


“Digital technologies are enabling the circular economy. All companies in the market can do something concrete in this area, for example by appropriately managing production waste, purchasing certified recycled plastic or selling unused raw materials – explains Stefano Chiaramondia, co-founder and president of PlasticFinder.
Our marketplace allows everyone to do this in a free, simple and safe way. The fact that an important company like Interpolimeri believes in the PlasticFinder® project, and shares with it a strong commitment, is a great success for our platform.
By participating in this project, Interpolimeri is chosing to be a leader in the conscious and sustainable distribution of plastics “.

“We are aware that the distribution of plastics will have to evolve towards digitization and put sustainability and impact reduction to the fore – says Claudio Gallo, CEO of Interpolimeri. We have chosen to support PlasticFinder because it is a technology leader in the sector and has a specific focus on the circular economy. Everyone is talking about it, but the PlasticFinder business model is really a concrete solution to the issues of circularity. The Green Deal has already set strict environmental objectives in terms of recycling and reuse: we can only achieve them by using new technologies and rethinking production and distribution processes in relation to environmental impact. We are pleased to undertake this challenge with PlasticFinder”.

Massimo Bergamini, CEO of SIRT Srl, a company active in the distribution of plastics for over 50 years and already part of the PlasticFinder shareholder structure, comments: “We have always trusted in the PlasticFinder project and we are extremely happy with this new, important collaboration, which we are certain will bring with it a strong momentum and renewed energy “.

PlasticFinder was supported in the deal by the advisory company and fintech investor Keda.



Plasticfinder S.r.l.


PlasticFinder S.r.l. is a technology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of digital services enablement for the circular economy in the plastics industry.
PlasticFinder founded and manages the marketplace www.plasticfinder.eu.
The platform is certified by CSI Cert (IMQ group) as the first “distributor of recycled plastic raw materials” and offers users the certification that every product purchased (or sold) on the portal
complies with the requirements of current regulations.
CertifiedCircularPlastic ® technologies guarantee transparency and traceability of products at every level.
The platform has successfully completed the “proof of concept” and “demonstration” phases and is now fully operational with: 2,400+ customer / supplier base (registered users), 1,400+ successful
transactions and 4,000+ page views / day.
PlasticFinder is the owner of the European trademarks: PlasticFinder®, Certified Circular Plastic®, Certified Recycled Plastic®.

Interpolimeri S.p.a.


Interpolimeri S.p.a. is one of the leaders in the distribution of plastic materials in Europe thanks to its partnerships with the most important world producers.
Present in 12 different European countries, it has 20 logistics hubs in Europe and more than 3,500 customers.
With thirty years of experience in the market, Interpolimeri distributes a complete portfolio of thermoplastic products in granules for the main applications (film, molding, blow molding,
extrusion, coating, compounding).